In one of my most recent projects, I’ve been working on a site and marketing for a local company called International Mold Services.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of inspectors in my experience as an insurance agent in Florida and I would feel more than comfortable referring clients to this company and the man behind it.  Mr. Ed Ebmeier heads this mold inspector company and I’ve learned a few great things from him and what he’s doing.

Ed Ebmeier, Mold Inspector, On the Job

Ed Ebmeier, Mold Inspector, On the Job

He is a mold inspector specializing in air quality.  Ed is a seasoned pro and I think what strikes me most as an entrepreneur is his attitude toward helping people.  He had a successful career in real estate and found himself a decade ago going to a seminar with a neighbor regarding the science of mold and air quality and surprisingly was enamored with it.  Like he says, it’s a strange place for a man to find himself in his 60’s, but he’s doing what he loves.

I was recently at a car dealership and got fed the line “We really want to help you buy a car today”.  It’s a funny psychological move from some car salesman because it really makes you think they’re in it to help you, not to sell you something.  While Ed is trying to grow his business,  I know he’ll continue to be successful because his number one priority is actually helping families.

Ed typically steps in when folks are looking at buying a home, have just moved, or are trying to recover from disaster and get their lives back to where they once were.

He’s a man who is happy to help so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your house or one you’re looking at.  He’ll put your family first.

Visit or call 1(786)879-5315 today if you need help in your house.