Find Your Freedom.

Welcome to WebXtwo

Who I Am ​

I am a website developer, business builder, 

& devoted dad.  I was raised and live on two

pillars: integrity and treating others 

the way you wish to be treated.​

Why I’m Here 

I am here to help entrepreneurs leverage

an amazing online presence to cultivate 

their own personal freedom and 

realize their dreams.

We build comprehensive websites.


WebXtwo creations are built from the ground up to cater to your specific business and values.  I focus on building a goal driven product that grows your company and empowers you to find your freedom. 




Security leads to trust; I earn yours so you can earn theirs. Features include Scheduled Security Scans & Code Checks, Uptime monitoring, Vulnerability Reports, Audit Logs, 2-Factor Authentication, Blacklist Monitoring, & IP Lockouts.



Every millisecond counts when it comes to pagespeed. Improve your site performance through File Compression, Minification, Browser Caching, Cloudflare Integration, and Performance Monitoring.



With the Ongoing Care Program, you use your time where it counts; not tinkering with a website issue. WebXtwo is constantly updating & monitoring. You get reports on user activity, site metrics, activity, and security.  Never sweat a how-to again. 


Your success is my success. Intuitive Marketing features eye catching Slide-Ins, Pop-Ups, Opt-Ins, & Social Sharing, while Sitemaps, Media Optimization, Auto-Linking, Content Analysis, and Regular Scans boost SEO/PageRank.


Scaled hosting is designed to grow with you. From reliable shared hosting to cloud & enterprise packages you’ll get set up with the best fit. Third party support and monitoring 24/7 gets you growing confidently. 







We design
Display your content in eye-popping ways that are sure to garner your clients’ attention. Your website is often a first impression, and WebXtwo designs are created to make you look appealing, accessible, and competent. I can even help you create content.
mobile friendly
WebXtwo design is fully responsive and works well adapting to any device and screen size. You don’t need to worry about your content; all of your texts and images are full quality on mobile phones and tablets.
WebXtwo projects leverage multiple design and functionality features you’ve come to expect in a great website. Set your business apart by providing unique functionality and building out exactly what you need your site to do. All standard framework is centered around User Experience.
Fully responsive and adaptive to all devices and screen sizes
Pixel Perfect
Everything is pixel perfect, so the pages will be sharper
Pertinent options for each site to make sure it’s a great fit.
The development environment is updated constantly so it’s compatible at every turn

     I’ve started this creative agency to build, manage, and promote websites in all industries and I specialize in anything related to the food industry. I have great experience in shipping & trading as well as financial and insurance businesses. I knew I had the heart of an entrepreneur after I graduated from Culinary school and went on to open a restaurant.   

     After years of practically living at the restaurant, we had our first baby and our priorities were realigned. I moved on to the commodities market and landed in the insurance business. My love of computers eventually won out, and now I’m doing what I love. ​

Let’s start building.   

This is your opportunity to tell me why you need a website and what the website should achieve. The more information you give me here, the better the solution I’ll be able to provide. Feel free to Ignore any questions that aren’t relevant.

Business Snapshot

What’s the name of your company?

What does your company do? What are the products and services you offer?

What’s your desired timeline for this project?


I can provide comprehensive webmaster services for your startup or existing company.  I work by the hour or by the project. My standard hourly rate is $75. If you need site updates and maintenance, I can do that for a flat monthly fee that meets your budget and your needs.


I create a standard brochure Wordpress site for your business for $750, assuming you provide me with the images and content for your site. E-commerce, additional pages, and other functionalities are not included and will require a consultation. Your domain registration and monthly hosting fee are also not included. I’m happy to setup your domain and your hosting: for further information please see the Hosting section.


I can create your logo, stationary, magazine or digital ads, social media covers etc. for a rate to be determined by the scope of your needs. I’m happy to have a consultation and provide a quote.


Basic: $15/month Uptime monitoring, security updates, daily site checks for updates.
Recommended: $45/mo Additional SEO optimization & Performance upgrades.
As your website traffic grows, your hosting costs will increase. This does not apply to the typical website. If your website generates unusually high traffic like a store or social media site, we’ll develop a plan together that makes sense for the best hosting options available.


SEO Audit: If you prefer and have the time to do the work yourself, I can provide a comprehensive report on your current standings to provide you with insight and a starting point on how to proceed. Further coaching is available at the hourly rate.
Basic: $100/mo Initial Build or Updated site performance boost and optimized for Search Engines. Google Search Console Verification, XML sitemap, & your requested Keyword Selection
Intermediate: $500 Keyword research, Rankings check, SEO audit for onsite issues, On-Page Optimization, link building, Google My Business optimization, Social Profile updating. Monthly Reporting included.
Pay Per Click Management such as Adwords or Facebook Ad Campaign: Hourly Rate & Cost of ad. Please note these ads are Pay Per Click, so you will pay for prospects who are actually clicking through to your site.
Content Development: Hourly Rate. A typical post takes less than an hour and is subject to your approval. If you have a need for Graphic Design related to the post, that will be a separate line item at the same hourly rate. Our content includes backlinking and optimized writing.
Custom: If you have a larger business in a more competitive environment and need to supercharge your SEO services, I have a team available and we can provide a quote after an initial consultation to understand your needs. We can provide solutions to your entire digital marketing & SEO needs.


If you prefer to take on your own website development, I can help you create something you’ll be happy with and teach you how to maintain and improve it. I will also install comprehensive tutorial videos in your site’s backend. WebXtwo also offers business & life coaching through our team. If you have a roadblock you can’t get past and we can’t help, we will refer you to someone we trust to get the job done.

Business Snapshot

What’s the name of your company?

What does your company do? What are the products and services you offer?

What’s your desired timeline for this project?